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Improving user experience

Would you like your existing or planned digital services to be widely-used? Would you like to increase the loyalty of your users and the sales conversion by providing real services not just selling products?

When it comes to digital services, or traditional customer care or sales process your customers interact with your brand, product and service in many ways. By ensuring a great user experience at the different interaction points, you can increase the loyalty of your customers and maximize the sales conversion.

User experience encompasses all the emotions and thoughts of the user during an interaction with a brand, service or system. With the help of our solution we collect actionable feedback that can be used by your colleagues who are constantly working on the development of your service.



  • Improving user experience begins with exploring the motivation and needs of customers and creating a concept.
  • In case of existing product or service, we map the user experience at the certain interaction points and we reveal the pain points throughout the customer journey.
  • Building on the insights we define the use cases which should be supported by the future service.
  • We collect inputs through researches by various methods (five second test, card sorting, A/B testing) in order to design digital platforms that maximize user experience.
  • Usability tests make it possible to test the product prototype and diagnose usability types of problems.
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