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Establishing CRM strategy

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your marketing activity but have no customer value management strategy? Do you want to target your customers with tailored offers, improve your sales conversion, increase the loyalty of your customers? Would you like to make the most value out of all the data you collect about your customers?

While digital services are spreading strongly, it is essential to maintain a direct relationship with the customer and to execute a 121 marketing activity that is based on customer data. Using an appropriate customer value management strategy you can improve your sales performance and increase the user experience at the same time. With our complex approach we provide a solution which can be integrated into the operations of the company.

  • We make proposals on establishing data collection points.
  • Analysing our Client’s own data we will form those segments and life cycle modells on which you can build your 121 marketing actions.
  • We assign the next best offers belonging to the demands of each segment.
  • With the help of predictive modeling we lend assistance in creating churn, cross-sell and upsell strategy.
  • We provide consultancy to introduce marketing automatization systems.
  • By planning and evaluating pilot campaigns we can test the success of the offer, price and channel.
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