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Concept- and Pricing

Are you considering introducing a new product or service? Would you like to extend or revise your portfolio? Do you want to know which idea could bring greater success in the market? Do you already have a concept but it is based on too many assumptions? Maybe your concept is solid but not detailed enough?

While creating a concept companies build partially on completed customer research and analysis as well as on several hypotheses. Through validating the risky hypotheses, concepts might be strengthened and the success of their future introduction to the market will be more likely. Involving customer feedback at the right points of the development process will take you on a path which leads to a service that provides the best user experience and best fits your business goals.

  • By involving your customers in the process we help you by providing ideas and to draw up the details of your concept.
  • Using our concept tests we help you to evaluate your ideas or to pick the most suitable concept that attracts your target customers.
  • Our pack test enables you to choose the pack that mostly serves your goals.
  • With our product blind tests you will be able to choose the products that are the most attractive for your customers.
  • Using our price test and price sensitivity measurement (PSM) you will be able to determine the pricing of your future services or products.
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