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Insight-based product innovation

Do you want to innovate? Do you already have a vision but you are uncertain in which direction you should move? Would you like to develop a new product or revise an old one? Do you feel like your product is not that attractive to your customers anymore?

Real innovation is not only about novelty. It also takes the customers’ needs into account. When it comes to incremental product innovation, changing your business model or carrying out disruptive innovation, we often look for a not yet existing solution to an uncertain customer demand. Success requires an unorthodox way of thinking and an innovative approach. The starting point of the way towards success is the customer. It is essential to deeply immerse in the customers’ pain points and needs.

Our solution does not only reveal the pain points and needs of your target group. It also provides inspiration to generate new ideas of solutions. During the innovation process we give a helping hand and support for your product/service developer colleagues in focusing on the customers’ needs.

  • We conduct customer research using a methodology from our research tools based on the vision and concept outlined by our client.
  • We reveal the needs, motivations and behavioural patterns of your customers in the given context.
  • We create personas representing the customers.
  • We define the real problem to be solved.
  • Upon request we involve the customers from your target group into the further steps of the innovational process. (e.g. co-creation, product design)
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