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Improving Customer loyalty

Would you like to make your customers not only satisfied but loyal to your product or service? Would you like to turn them into your own fans? Do you want to provide a high quality service to your customers so that they will chose your product or service at their next decision point? Are you uncertain where to focus on to improve your customers loyalty? Would you like to build a customer-feedback based operation into your company’s culture?

The principle of customer focused marketing management is the intention to establish a long-term relationship. Instead of one-time buyers we establish a returning customer base, which means valuable sales potential. Retaining the customer base not only requires the understating of loyalty drivers. Based on them you also need to incorporate actions into your company’s operation.

  • With our loyalty tracking research you will be able to track your brand’s loyalty indicators, its Net Promoter Score and understand the drivers behind them (top-down measurement).
  • To explore the reasons behind the loyalty indicators we collect actionable insights at those touchpoints, where your customers interact with your brand, product or service (bottom-up measurement).
  • We provide consultancy to establish Voice of Customer (VOC) programs in order to make customer feedback based actions a part of your company operations.
  • With our solution we help you to identify the touchpoints, and areas, the development of which you should focus on in order to increase the quality of customer service and loyalty.
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