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Would you like to enter a new market or to increase your market share? Are you about to extend your product or service portfolio? Are you not certain which market segment you should target?

Before entering a market it is important to understand the competitors, the behaviour of customers, and their attitude. Through this we can identify the areas in which we would like to compete with others. Using our solution you get an answer as to whom, where and how you should offer your products and services.

  • We conduct analysis based on our internal research and publicly available information.
  • With our Usage and Attitude (U&A) Research we help you to understand and track the market competitors’ performance as well as the customer behaviour and motivation.
  • We identify market segments which are different by behaviour and attitude and identify your possible target groups.
  • We reveal the segments’ product or service related demands as well as their brand and media usage habits.
  • We explore the market gaps with the analysis of competitors’ performance and customers’ demands.
  • Using our knowledge base on the market you will be able to make fact-based decisions.
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