Research tools

Data collection

In order to answer your business problems we provide full data collection service either online or with traditional qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Online researches

  • We execute quantitative researches using our innovative questionnaire software and sending out invitations to our own panel members or to our client’s panel members.


Traditional (offline) and qualitative researches

  • In order to fully cover our partners’ research needs, besides online data collection we conduct research using traditional methodologies as well. Your range of options:
    • Personal interviews
    • Telephone interviews
    • Mystery shopping
    • Focus groups
    • In-depth interviews
  • Applying qualitative techniques we get answers to the real whys. True motivations will be revealed behind the causal relationships in the quantitative data.


Innovative research methodologies

  • According to our experiences, respondents often choose different answers to what they really think. Therefore, if necessary we apply qualitative techniques.
    • Think-aloud interview
    • Ethnographies
    • Co-creation
    • Diaries
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