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Do you want to ask only a few questions and cost-efficiency is important to you?

Choose our Online Omnibus research!

You can get on our monthly nationally representative Online Omnibus survey with a sample size of 1 000, with 5 questions starting from 200 000 HUF. Besides the results of the full sample, you will also receive data concerning our digital segments.

A sample of 1 000 respondents, nationally representative for the 18-64-year-old age population (representative of gender, age, NUTS1 regions, settlement type, education). Online sampling on the research panel of ResearchCenter.

The prices contain the delivery of the database and the data tables. A 5-question PowerPoint presentation or infographic can be ordered for the price of 80 000 HUF + VAT.

Digital maturity segments:
Digital transformation can be found in the repertoire of almost every company. Due to the spread of digital solutions, consumer needs rapidly change, which presents increasingly bigger challenges for companies. In order to adequately serve consumers and to reach them through the right channels, it is essential to understand their behaviour in the online space. With the help of our segmentation methodology, you can get a picture of the digital maturity of the whole market, your own customers, or the target audience of your ad. You can receive the answers for the questions you asked in the Omnibus survey broken to segments based on digital maturity for free.


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